Heyman Investment Group: Where relational commitment is top priority

The Heyman Investment Group team, left to right: James Heyman, Yvonne Gurley, Kevin Heyman and Denny Herndon (Photo by Terilyn Goins )

“The secret to financial security is not to have more money, but having more control over the money we presently have.” —Auliq-Ice

When it comes to financial stability and security, many people wrestle with finding the right balance between obtaining material goods to make life comfortable and setting aside a nest egg for retirement that inevitably sneaks up without warning.

Employing a team-oriented approach, Heyman Investment Group, co-owned by brothers Kevin and James Heyman and located in the heart of Oyster Point’s City Center, specializes in financial planning for individuals nearing retirement age.

The optimum retirement planning period, according to senior financial advisor, Kevin Heyman, falls between the ages of 59 and 70. “Most people don’t realize how much financial planning they could actually do at that time, and our job is to make sure you’re maximizing everything you have,” says Kevin. “A lot of decisions you can make at this point can impact for the rest of your life,” echoes investment partner and brother, James.

Although Kevin and James went their separate ways after high school, they were brought back together when their mother became ill and, subsequently, passed. As they worked together on her estate with their dad, “it just made sense and seemed right” to join forces, says James. Since Kevin already had an established investment firm, James moved back to the area and the two teamed up to combine their unique perspectives and create a formidable union.

Unlike many financial investment groups, where clients and financial advisors are superficially matched, those seeking guidance from the Heyman Group are considered clients of the firm and, as such, develop personal and professional relationships with everyone in the firm. The beauty of this arrangement is no single advisor holds all the cards. Rather, if one member of the team is unavailable, any other team member can step in and seamlessly manage the client’s financial planning process.

While the brothers approach investment planning from different perspectives, they agree on one thing — “always give the best advice in the best interest of the client and we all get what we want — a successful client and a successful investor,” says Kevin. The duo also delights in the idea of making sure their clients win. “If we figure out how to save you $150,000 over the next 10 years, that’s fun for us,” says Kevin. “It’s certainly a lot more fun than giving you that quarter point return,” adds James. As Kevin states, “helping people move from the accumulation phase to the distributed phase, that is, from the saving phase to the spending phase, is what we do best.

As a family owned business, Heyman Investment Group focuses on quality over quantity, with relational commitment as top priority. “We don’t want to create an environment where we don’t know who the client is. We would rather have 200 clients we know intimately than have many more that we don’t know at all,” says James. As such, the group typically takes on three to five new clients a year and is open to 25 percent growth annually so as to maintain the more personal client to advisor ratio.

This manageable number of clients also allows the Heyman brothers to enjoy their own interests. For Kevin, that means indulging in his love for boats, and for James, who graduated from Virginia Tech, it means delighting in all things Hokie. James’s Hokie fervor was best demonstrated when his daughter was the first ’00 millennium baby born at Memorial Regional Medical Center in Hanover, Virginia, and he asserted, “She either goes to Tech or she doesn’t go to UVA.”

Whether investing professionally or personally, one thing is certain — for Kevin and James Heyman, finances are in their blood, and it might be tough to find any other financial advisor who eats, sleeps and breathes the business.

Heyman Investment Group
Address: 11820 Fountain Way, Ste. 100, Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-873-4640
Business: Heyman Investment Group
Contact: Kevin and James Heyman, owners
Email: Yvonne.gurley@wfafinet.com
Website: www.heymaninvestmentgroup.com

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