Hip Innovative Studio Boutique: Where creators and community collide

Anna Hubbard enjoys the scene at Hip. (photo by Terilyn Goins)

A space that looks and feels crisp and clean, surrounded by unique, one-of-a-kind products and filled with the wafting smell of fresh made coffee, Hip Innovative Studio Boutique offers consumers and onlookers a place to explore and unleash individual creativity.

Founded, owned and operated by Anna Hubbard, Hip was borne out of a desire to “connect people with community and artists with each other,” says Hubbard. “I wanted to get out of my house and have a small boutique,” and Hip is the physical manifestation of that dream.

Located in the heart of Port Warwick, Hip Innovative Studio Boutique is more than a shop filled with uniquely designed, handmade gifts. It’s a place that showcases the work of local, national and global artists, providing consumers with finely handcrafted jewelry and accessories that tell the individual story of the artisan behind the work. “In the spirit of innovation,” Hubbard says, “I wanted the boutique to always be changing, switching out artists, giving people variety and an opportunity to come out and learn an art.”

While there are items to purchase at Hip, there is far more to this business than meets the eye. “A huge part of the business is about giving back,” Hubbard says, “like earrings made in Thailand, and the profit going back to them.” Hip also contributes 10 percent of its profits to charitable organizations in the area, such as LINK of Hampton Roads, which provides support to disadvantaged people in the area.

Because Hubbard’s greatest passion is bringing people together, a big part of her company is giving individuals a place where they can come together and collaborate, learn, grow and be encouraged.

In the spirit of empowering others, Hip offers a variety of creative workshops to help people step outside of their comfort zone. Hubbard enlists local artists to come in and teach designer art aesthetic through the creation and redesigning of jewelry, using skills such as texturizing, filing, drilling and polishing. Other workshops include instruction on artistic endeavors such as macramé, felting, hand calligraphy, floral design, fiber art, screen printing and hand lettering, to name a few.

Hubbard’s desire to connect people with community is also evident in the way she integrates artists and local products and businesses into her boutique space. For instance, Hubbard invited Jolly Roasters Coffee to share her space and she carries Annie Sloan chalk paint, her store features artisans such as GlassyBaby, Oak + Oats, Printed Village, Once Again Sam, Skye & Grace, Square Trade Goods, and several others—each of which has its own unique back story that works in perfect harmony with Hubbard’s own jewelry line and the innovation that is at the heart of Hip Boutique.

It is no mistake that Hubbard chose the hip name, Hip, for her boutique, as it epitomizes the vision Hubbard has for the company—always thinking about new ideas, envisioning how to expand and move beyond the norm, identifying items people are hungry for and making them reality.

Hip’s face is ever changing, and there are new adventures on the horizon—an upcoming men’s section, live mic nights, a wall of rotating art, wireless projects to display demos and view videos. As Hubbard says, the sky is the limit as Hip “creates space for creators and community to connect.”

Hip Innovative Studio Boutique
Address: 2170 William Styron Square S,
Port Warwick, Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-223-8799
Contact: Anne Hubbard, founder, owner
Website: www.hip757.com

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