How real estate teaches me to be thankful

Real Estate Review

As we begin this season of thankfulness, I’m grateful for the lessons real estate continues to teach me.

Legacy. The real estate investor who secures his/her second investment property. Both are used with the investor’s two young children in mind to prepare for their future. Real estate teaches me that legacy is vital now more than ever and can be used as a vehicle to help set up long-term estate planning.

Opportunity. The buyer who gets to relocate back to the area to be closer to family and finally purchases his/her first home. Real estate teaches me that having the opportunity to live near family is something we should never take for granted. After so much restlessness, purchasing a first home — a quaint home with character, at that — provides a sense of stability. 

Timing. The seller who purchased a first home at the height of the market and just recently sold the same property for a healthy profit after being upside down for so long. Real estate teaches me timing is everything. It also reminds me that real estate is many times most profitable in the long term.

Passion. The REALTOR who is finally able to quit the full time 9–5 job because of his/her real estate sales success. Real estate teaches me that not everyone has the opportunity to find his/her passion and make a living serving others in a meaningful way. This profession provides the opportunity for more time with family and unlimited income potential.

Real estate has always been about the people, not just about the houses. Every home has a story, and every story has people who are impacted by the process of real estate. In this month of November, I am grateful for the people I have the opportunity to serve — my colleagues in this industry and the people reading this message. May gratitude be contagious! 

What lessons have you learned from real estate? 

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