Jennifer Frank – Gift Planning Officer, Riverside Health System Foundation

Point Blank

If I could be any character from any book, I would be Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series.

The way I stay cool in the heat of August is by  floating in the pool.

The best place to vacation for the summer is  the beach. There’s just a feeling like there are no cares in the world for a while.

My favorite restaurant in City Center to grab lunch is  Taste.

Something I do every day, without fail, is  tell my children I love them.

In ten years, I hope I will be  retired, healthy and fishing somewhere warm.

The person who makes me feel the most appreciated is  my husband Jason.

Something I always carry with me is  lipstick. It’s the ultimate accessory and provides a sense of confidence and femininity no matter what shade you wear or how you are dressed that day.

If I had to identify a single passion that I have, it would be  my family.

The most important lesson I have learned while working in the medical field is that there are true healing properties in gratitude. What an honor it is to be a part of that experience with families.

The last thing that made me smile was  witnessing my children genuinely happy. Seeing a great concert with Jason is also at the top of the list, and his amazing sense of humor that makes me laugh every day.

My proudest moment was the day I realized it was OK to say “no.” Helping others is important, but true happiness is defined by your own choices.

When I leave a room, I hope people remember me as smart, self-assured
and easy to talk with. I’m a Libra — we enjoy connecting with others.

My favorite summertime dessert is  strawberries and Cool Whip.

The best way to spend a day off is by  doing something completely unplanned or unexpected! Those days make the best memories.

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