Lions Bridge Financial Advisors: In sync and out of the box

Lions Bridge Financial Advisors’ president and wealth advisor, Jayne Di Vincenzo, ensures that she understands the journey her clients want to take leading up to and through retirement. (Photo by Amy Jackson)

The wealth advisors at Lions Bridge Financial Advisors synchronize clients’ values and goals with their need for growing and preserving wealth. “As an independent firm with a range of tools available we are able to serve as financial advisors held to the highest fiduciary standards* — putting our clients’ best interests first,” says Jayne Di Vincenzo, president of Lions Bridge Financial Advisors. Di Vincenzo did not want “the firm’s name to include my own name; it’s about our team and our clients. The Lions Bridge landmark has been an enduring symbol of the beauty of Newport News. We are committed and loyal to our community, and the park and bridge are a beautiful part of our city that surprisingly many don’t know about.”

Di Vincenzo’s firm launched a decade ago and now operates three offices — Newport News, Virginia Beach and a newer office in Williamsburg. “And when our clients move, we’ll even use FaceTime or Skype to stay in touch in a more personal way,” Di Vincenzo says. Because people do move, Lions Bridge Financial Advisors is licensed to advise clients in more than 25 states.

Lions Bridge Financial Advisors’ independence (the firm is not affiliated with a wire house or insurance firm) “allows us to go down any aisle in seeking to solve problems as opposed to being limited to using one or two product lines on a single aisle,” says Di Vincenzo. “It’s as if we can ‘Amazon’ for clients and shop for competitive strategies. A rewarding part of our role is getting to know clients and families to help with ongoing monitoring of their life plan and wealth strategy.”

Di Vincenzo continues, “We explain strategies, tools and terms so clients understand what we are recommending, why it’s appropriate and how it works. We often consult with tax and legal advisors to be sure we’ve covered all areas that may impact a plan. We focus on providing holistic advice that can impact not only financial outcomes but also important life decisions.”

The firm enjoys the freedom to advise clients about life’s twists and turns — from marriage, birth of children, death of parents, health events, retirement and estate planning strategies to help maintain family values. According to the Lions Bridge mission statement on its website, “When we need to, we can think out of the box and challenge conventional wisdom in our approach to wealth management.”

Di Vincenzo says, “Some of our most rewarding days happen when a client hits a goal, such as being able to retire on time — or early — and we are here to help celebrate.”

Di Vincenzo says that her firm has a growing niche market of women in transition — those changing careers or recently widowed or divorced and may never have fully understood investing. Many are not aware if they have enough assets and income to provide for themselves or their families. They do not have complete knowledge about how to handle an expensive emergency, such as a health crisis.

“We credit much of our success and growth to other professionals and clients who refer new clients,”
Di Vincenzo says.

Di Vincenzo’s mother was a director of a YWCA in the early 1970s, and her sister has a master’s degree in social work. She believes it is in her “DNA to be a social worker — the one who can help with money.”

The social focus at Lions Bridge Financial Advisors is highly pronounced.

Di Vincenzo speaks passionately about her community and the organizations she supports, with outreach efforts that permeate local school, hunger and poverty issues. Her support extends as far away as Kenya, where she has financed the education of three girls. “I’m on a mission to ensure that our community shines and is an attraction for families and businesses. I believe public schools are a cornerstone of a community and an investment in them returns dividends for decades,” she says.

“I’m a bootstraps girl who worked hard to put myself through college, build a business and support the community. I believe that my success allows us to plant seeds that can bless others. Our days are short, so each should have a purpose. If I’m not making a difference to my family, my clients and in my community, have I really lived?” Di Vincenzo asks rhetorically.

*Securities and Advisory Services offered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor. Member FINRA/SIPC.

Lions Bridge Financial
Address: 2110 William Styron Square S, Newport News, VA 23606
Contact: Jayne Di Vincenzo, president
Phone: 757-599-9111
Fax: 757-599-9220

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