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Point Blank

Something most people do not consider when booking a travel reservation is to  buy travel insurance. Then, no worries about flight cancellations, cars breaking down and weather.

The best part of my job is  watching our operation. Seeing our team manage the logistics for 300+ houses from Hatteras to Corolla is extensive, and I love watching them continually improving the process.

Something that I wish everyone knew about the travel industry is to remember that as much as technology has advanced, we are still a human business. A person still cleans the house or hotel room. A person handles customer service. And as humans, we are not always perfect.

A book that I can always pick up and reread is  Scaling Up by Vern Harnish. Best business book and a must read for any business person.

If I could make a rule that everyone in the world had to abide by,  I would have two: 1. You must return shopping carts to where they go. You don’t leave them in the spot beside you or hop the curb and set them in the mulch. 2. The left lane on Interstate 64 is a passing lane. Do not set your cruise control on 69 and stay in the left lane.

My favorite place to eat lunch in Newport News is Vinny’s on J. Clyde Morris Boulevard. Great owner, great staff.

The best way to save money when traveling is to eat in. Hit the grocery store and capture more time with the family.

The most important item on my desk is a pen holder that one of my daughters made for me. It’s cardboard held together with tape and painted with crayon. It’s fantastic.

The most popular vacation destination is the Outer Banks, of course.

What I enjoy most about my business is  freedom — the ability to explore ideas, make changes and improve our guest and owner experience.

I find joy in coaching a 14U travel softball team. So much fun.

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