Jimmy Fay – Jimmy Fay Insurance Agency, Inc.

Point Blank

Jimmy Fay

When I think of the opportunities that a new year brings, I am most excited about  new travel opportunities, both work and personal. 

Something I wish I knew about the insurance world 10 years ago is
how valuable insurance really is. Insurance may be the difference between recovering from the unexpected or having your life completely derailed. 

The most important thing about working in the insurance industry is
that we are dealing with customers during some of the worst times of their lives. My goal is to simplify the complex nature of insurance and to be the community resource for everyday people. 

A piece of life advice that I think every young person should learn before graduating high school is  don’t wait your entire life to live, make a conscious decision to be present and to enjoy life. 

When it is cold outside, my favorite thing to do is  sit around a fire pit with friends and family. 

I always feel better when I  hear music. It can change my mood.

I hope that my friends think of me as  a candid, generous, eager and trustworthy person.

I am most grateful for  my wife’s compassion and love. We have four kids, we both run our own businesses, and I am forever grateful for my wife and the love we share.

Two charity causes about which I am passionate are  access to fresh water and youth development. As a member of Rotary Club of Oyster Point, we recently funded multiple wells in Ghana. Locally, youth development is important in improving our collective future. 

The secret to happiness is  knowing what you want. Once you know what you want you can go after it and find happiness, regardless of what that means to you.