Newport News Marriott at City Center: A home away from home

Brandon Johnson, director of sales, makes the community part of the Marriott experience. (Photo by Terilyn Goins)

When traveling, whether for personal or professional reasons, finding just the right place to stay — a place that feels comfortable and familiar — may be a difficult feat to accomplish. The energy emanating from a dwelling — negative or positive — can be the difference between a restless hotel stay or one that fits like a glove.

Newport News Marriott at City Center, housing 256 rooms with surrounding 25,000 square feet of space, is perhaps that station where travelers can find a bustling business hub or a respite from the hubbub of daily life.

Marriott at City Center opened in 2006 and sits at the center of everything within the City Center arena and community. Brandon Johnson, director of sales, refers to it is as the “linchpin of the development.” “I like to think of it as the place where important things happen in the community. A lot of people who come here call this their home away from home,” Johnson says.

Johnson began his career in sales at Marriott, left for a season to work other properties in the Hampton Roads area and returned “home” in October, sporting a new title and position as director of sales. “It’s been exciting to come back home and see the property in its next variation,” says Johnson.

Having had his own wedding at Marriott, Johnson is very familiar with its quality of service and the unique facets of the property, including the myriad of events hosted onsite. “We compete really well in the market and put together some amazing events. We have hosted christenings for aircraft carriers, presidential events, partnered with SPCA for its fur ball fundraiser, hosted black-tie galas, holiday parties, conferences and conventions,” to name a few, says Johnson. “We strive to find those with whom we have a shared vision and meet and exceed their expectations as we work together in a partnership.”

Marriott at City Center views itself as a core part of the local community “reflected right outside our doors,” says Johnson. Though Marriott dominates the world market as the largest hotel chain, the one right here in Oyster Point brings a small-town feel to the large conglomerate. “We are a tight-knit community within a community. There are people walking the neighborhood with family, friends and their animals,” says Johnson. It’s not at all like the experience patrons get at other “not so small-town” hotels.

While many may think of the Marriott as simply an overnight stay, there is so much more offered there. “We have it all — comfortable guestrooms, great dining, local community, shopping, activities within the city and close proximity to Williamsburg and Virginia Beach — because of our central location, we’re a place to use as a home base,” Johnson says.

Johnson is quick to add that it’s Marriott’s local staff that makes it all happen. “Hospitality is about heart, personable relationships and warmth. Without our team, it’s just a building with beds,” says Johnson.

And what better way to solidify Johnson’s claim than the fact that the Newport News Marriott at City Center was this year rated as the number one hotel in the Newport News area. Clearly, it is in the business of making guests feel like they belong.

Newport News Marriott at City Center
Address :740 Town Center Dr.,
Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-310-5003
Contact: Brandon Johnson, director of sales

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