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Corey Pavlosky, lead engineer and founder of Pipe Dream Studios, works at his console, helping artists turn ideas into songs. (Photo by Cathy Welch)

Corey Pavlosky started Pipe Dream Studios in November of 2018 and is now the sole owner and lead audio engineer of the studio. “Pipe Dream Studios is an audio production studio, capable of recording any instrument, singing or podcasts. Pipe Dream also does sound engineering for live shows for artists. We can do pretty much anything with audio and microphones,” Pavlosky says.

Pavlosky grew up playing several instruments and had always loved the process of music and audio engineering. “Learning new instruments was always so exciting to me; I just kept falling in love with more aspects of music,” Pavlosky says, describing his start into the industry.

Pavlosky created Pipe Dream with a vision of helping artists see their music ambitions realized. Corey ventured to create a space where his fellow artists could turn ideas into songs. He originally started with studio work as a part-time job, but over time it has grown into his full-time career. “We get artists from all over the country,” he says. “We help them write, record or prepare for festivals or other live performances.”

Pipe Dream Studios has the capability of recording different types of artists to fit their needs. “I have worked with all kinds of artists in different genres, from a young boy who you would not think could sing honky-tonk (and was amazing) to a complete orchestra. I have worked with every genre and varying group sizes,” Pavlosky says about the range of music he can record. He and his team offer their expertise in every step of the production process, from conception to release to live performance.

Pipe Dream owns guitars, a piano and a multitude of microphones to record other instruments and voices. The studio is excited to see what the future may hold. “I hope to move the studio to Richmond; it would be great to have a larger space in the city,” Pavlosky says. “I still want to help people learn and create music, just in a larger setting and maybe with more people on my team,” Pavlosky adds about the studio’s future.

Often artists come to the studio for five-hour increments with intermittent breaks, but it usually requires several sessions for a song to be completely produced. “On average, it takes about 15 hours to complete a song, but every process is different, so it varies,” Pavlosky says. The song-writing and producing process with artists is one of Pavlosky’s favorite parts of his work. “Writing songs is very personal, so I get to know the people who come to our studios really well and form a bond. I have gotten to meet so many amazing people I would not have met otherwise,” Pavlosky says.

While Pavlosky has access to all the recording equipment and makes his own music, he would prefer to be recognized as a sound engineer. “Music is not just my job, it’s my hobby too. Even if I won the lottery tomorrow, I would still do this work. I love it,” Pavlosky says. He explains he is passionate about helping people create music.

“Once the song is finished, I not only helped people figure out a song and their style, but there is a product which people can also listen to. Hearing songs that I have worked on played at festivals in front of thousands of people is awesome for me,” Pavlosky says.

When Pavlosky is not in the studio, he enjoys working out. “I love listening to pop music and going to the gym. I do not go as often as I should, but I try!” Pavlosky says with a smile.

Pipe Dream Studios
Address: 103 Oxford Circle, Williamsburg, VA 23185
Phone: 757-570-4749
Contact: Corey Pavlosky
Business: Audio production studio
Website: pipedreamstudios.co

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