Port Warwick Dental Arts: Advancing the art of dentistry

Left: Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha, right: A koi pond, visible through floor-to-ceiling windows, adds to the tranquil atmosphere of Port Warwick Dental Arts. (Photos by Brian Freer)

Shattering stereotypical views of dental care, Port Warwick Dental Arts uses current technology, leading edge protocol and artistic expertise to “improve your appearance, comfort, total health and function,” says Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha.

Samaha, who just celebrated her 40th year in dentistry, founded Port Warwick Dental Arts as a functional/integrative dental practice in 1982, something unheard of in the field of dentistry at the time. Paving an uncharted path in holistic dentistry, Samaha’s underlying premise for the practice was, and is, to “search for the cause of any dental ailment rather than just treating symptoms.” 

Samaha’s total health perspective requires her to “determine what’s going on in the rest of the body, rather than solely focusing on dental health. Our goal,” continues Samaha, “is to assist patients by working intimately and collaboratively with their medical teams to assess and remedy physical health issues that have been triggered by patients’ dental disease.” Such ailments might include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, acid reflux, sleep apnea and/or mouth breathing, memory problems and cancer, to name a few. After determining the cause of poor dental health, it is possible to lay out a course of action designed to treat and overcome the dental health issues the patient is facing, and in turn, improve dental health.

Driven by her own passion for dentistry, Samaha aligns her practice with like-minded health professionals who are not only highly qualified in the field of integrated health but are also willing, like her, to advance their knowledge and expertise and educate others in best health practices. “Every member of my practice is an educator,” Samaha says. “We are unique in who we are: an extremely accomplished team. Our skills are not only exceedingly broad but also exceptionally deep because of our tremendous commitment to perfecting protocols necessary for dental health, enabling our patients to experience best total health.”

Fortunately for dental patients, Port Warwick Dental Arts is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Whether the issue is periodontal disease, rapid tooth decay, stripped tooth enamel, teeth grinding or something else, each patient receives personalized dentistry. “A plan is created with every patient to meet his or her unique needs and wants,” says Samaha. “Our number one responsibility is to listen to our patients. In turn, we ask questions to discern the cause of their concerns so we can understand their options. When we spend the necessary time up front with our patients, we transmit the appropriate information to empower them to make the best decision for themselves or their child(ren).”

Port Warwick Dental Arts is ideal for patients who want natural healing and a unique approach to dentistry. The floor-to-ceiling windows in each treatment room offer a tranquil view of the koi pond and Asian garden theme. Using sound, leading-edge principles, processes and procedures, Samaha and her team offer treatments intended to “eradicate active dental disease and transform a person’s total health profile, often within days. “We provide holistic, natural ways of treating disease in the mouth in support of the entire body,” says Samaha. 

As an award-winning water media artist who paints people, places and food within their natural environments, Samaha is also quite adept at ensuring patients have a healthy, attractive smile to accompany their healthy mouth and healthy body. Her ultimate goal in her professional teaching and her clinical practice is to transform the way dental practices help people heal. 

Patients consistently describe their experience at Port Warwick Dental Arts as “welcoming, relaxing, warm, enjoyable, gentle, compassionate and transformative,” demonstrating that dentistry is, in fact, a science and an art. 

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