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Stretching the Point

Rhonda Huff

Steve Jobs once said, “I am convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”

There’s probably no better way to describe Rhonda Huff, owner of Rhonda Huff FIT (i.e., Functional Integrative Training). As someone with a true entrepreneurial spirit, Huff aspires to, and accomplishes, a great many things, most of them associated with overall fitness and wellness.

When her children were younger, Huff wanted a schedule to match that of her children so she could be with them before and after school. This desire led to her founding, opening and operating her wellness and fitness studio, Rhonda Huff FIT, formerly Body-in-Balance Wellness and Fitness Studio.

Rhonda Huff FIT is located on Warwick Boulevard in Newport News, across from Todd Stadium, and is what Huff calls a “holistic wellness company.” “We basically treat the whole person—offering emotional, nutritional, physical and cognitive strategies to help people live their best lives,” Huff says. “Our mission is to bring healing from the past, health in the present and hope for the future,” Huff continues.

Those seeking wellness at Rhonda Huff FIT have access to multiple methods and strategies necessary to achieve that wellness. The studio affords clients options such as functional movement training and exercise, neurolinguistic programming and hypnosis, pre- and post-rehab medical exercise, personal training and health coaching, nutritional counseling, pain management through trigger point therapy, frequency specific microcurrent training and, most recently, Reiki esoteric healing treatments. The objective, says Huff, is to “give people their lives back. In our society, we have a lot of specialists, but not many are looking at the whole person. We deconstruct what needs to happen emotionally, physically and psychologically to help individuals move forward.”

As has been the case with many during these most unusual times, Huff had to consider how her business might look in light of changes dictated by pandemic guidelines. Huff says, “I thought: there’s no way my business will survive this. Most of the clients we see are special populations. How could I possibly train them virtually so they wouldn’t get hurt.”

Huff’s concerns were mitigated as a result of her resilience and resourcefulness. Within the virtual medium, says Huff, “we are able to watch from a distance and see the entire movement pattern; we can look at the whole picture and decide how to improve upon what we are seeing. And, those who need assistance have someone with them in their homes to help them stay safe.” Interestingly, many of FIT’s clients are doing so well in the virtual environment they have decided to continue accordingly, says Huff.

Being forced into a new way of doing business had positive side effects for Huff. “I didn’t realize until everything came to a stop just how many hours I worked and how stressed I was,” Huff says. “I’m going to make sure I’m getting the self-care I teach others to get.”

That new perspective, however, hasn’t curbed Huff’s entrepreneurial drive. She just began a chiropractic doctoral program because, in her words, “It’s the one thing I’m missing—I can work with people on an emotional, energetic and physical level, but I can’t work with bones. It’s the next step for my holistic practice.” Between more schooling and all the non-fiction books Huff is reading, such as Tripping Over the Truth, Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, Talk Like Ted and 100 Days of Faith Over Fear, pure perseverance may continue ruling the day.

Rhonda Huff FIT
Address: 12482 Warwick Blvd., Ste. A, Newport News, VA 23601
Phone: 757-715-6906
Contact: Rhonda Huff, owner
Email: info@rhondahuff.com
Website: rhondahuff.com

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