Richard Flint Seminars: Challenging lives from the inside out

Richard Flint always teaches in one of his custom-made and eye-catching signature shirts.

My gift in life is to take what is confusing to you and show you the pathway to clarity,” says Richard Flint, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) and self-described educational entertainer. It is said that when you meet Flint, you meet a man who feels like a longtime friend. His background, including his education in counseling, ministry, psychology, ethics and philosophy, make him well suited as a trusted confidant, coach and mentor.

Thirty-nine years ago, Richard Flint Seminars began as an international workshop/retreat/keynote speaker organization. Business leaders, retirees, entrepreneurs and others seek out his wisdom and encouragement on how to live their lives from the inside out. Students come away with a more focused clarity for life in the business and personal world.

“Richard’s retreats provide you with the opportunity to stretch your mind and challenge you to become a better person,” says student Nancy Zirkle.

Flint formerly led 200-attendee StarMaker Conferences, putting people on the front row in the spotlight. “My stage moved from being literally in front of thousands of people to narrowing my focus and investing in people who are serious about wanting to improve their lives,” he says.

Today’s 15-attendee retreats offer a more personal approach. “A Day at the Zoo” was held in September. The most recent session was held in April at the Marriott at City Center in Newport News. It covered “Learning to Live from the Inside Out,” presented through a brief introductory session and Sessions One, Two and Three entitled: The War Being Fought Within You, Who Has Control of Your Life? and Building a Solid Platform for Living from The Inside-Out.

Participants traveling from across the country illustrate the impact Flint has had on continued participation in his teachings. April’s retreat members traveled from New York, Ohio, Virgin lslands, South Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Massachusetts and Virginia. When participants left the retreat, they were connected to each other through the experience.

Richard Flint Seminar’s executive assistant, Denise Harden, is a master of detail and works to make everyone’s experience welcoming, fun and comfortable. Joined by Bryan Williams, administrative assistant, they are excellent hosts.

“The positive work environment and strong leadership are what make this career so special,” Harden says. “Over the past 29 years, I have not only increased my skills and abilities but have learned, from Richard, how to balance the four rooms of my life.”

“Stop Chasing Your Tail” will be held July 13–20 in Palm Beach Gardens. It deals with the three P’s you need to manage your life: pace, patience and persistency.

In December 2018, Richard Flint Seminars launched The Learning Center, a platform for online audio and video courses and student-level subscriptions. Also offered are Flint’s 19 eBooks and paperback formats. His bestselling book, The Truth About Stress: Understanding Your Life from the Inside Out, is required reading by corporations worldwide.

Finally, its Success House Program is mentoring in eight modules spread over 16 weeks, looking at all aspects of one’s life from the inside out. Launched in 2022, “Four Rooms of Success” is an online 16-week course focused on one’s business (by designing your business blueprint and building your business. The other three rooms (family, social and personal) will be covered in the future.

Flint hosts a monthly, live virtual seminar dealing with every person’s 12 struggles. This year’s theme is “The Power to Be You.” Today Richard Flint Seminars has expanded his visibility on the internet rather than onstage. Every Friday from 10:00 to 11:15 a.m. at, he opens the mic from a question he delivers earlier in the week. This event is free and open to anyone.

When asked what drives him, Flint speaks of sticky notes in three rooms of his home. They say one thing he never wants to forget: Somebody’s going to need me today. “I’ve always been a personality that when people are struggling, for some reason they come to me,” he says, always working to ensure he is not too busy for this.

“I challenge myself to be better than I was yesterday. Every day I look for a lesson that helps me improve. She hasn’t fired me yet so I’m still the paid entertainment,” Flint says of his wife and president of the company, Karen. “I want to create a positive presence that has presence when I’m not present,” he says. “This is my ministry; this is my stage.” 

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