Signs by Tomorrow: Including that “little extra”

Clarissa and Joshuah Torres: Giving you a sign... by tomorrow (photo by Terilyn Goins)

Former football player, Jimmy Johnson, said, “the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” The profundity of that quote often goes unappreciated until that “little extra” shines through in someone’s character, someone’s work or someone’s product. Whether the task is as mundane as filling a gas tank or as significant as creating a company brand, the “little extra” can be the difference between a job well done and simply satisfactory work.

Signs by Tomorrow, located in Oyster Point Square on Jefferson Avenue, is all about providing that “little extra” as it integrates the latest and greatest technological advancements to create signage, logos, displays, banners, graphics and the like for companies throughout Virginia and North Carolina.

Locally owned and operated since 1998, Signs by Tomorrow prides itself not only on the quick service for which it is known, but also on its service versatility. Signage specialists and new owners Clarissa and Joshuah Torres provide service to a plethora of industries, including advertising, real estate, education, entertainment, government and healthcare. Additionally, as a small, women- and minority-owned (SWaM) business, Signs by Tomorrow is “certified to work with special bonds, funding and disabled veterans—anything with local governments,” Joshuah says. This unique certification affords the company even greater service opportunities and flexibility.

Creating graphics for everything from companies to vehicles, from professional to personal, the work of Signs by Tomorrow can be seen throughout the Virginia Peninsula and beyond. And Joshuah says they create and install the vehicle wraps for all Yorktown sheriff and police officials.

Whether it’s window lettering, car wraps, street or monument signs, or displays, banners and flags, Signs by Tomorrow works hard to “find solutions people need and see those solutions come to life,” Joshuah says. “We know how to get the customer the product he or she wants, and we can handle complex issues. We make sure the job is done right and the customer is happy with the end result.”

Though it’s a serious business, not all of the signage created at Signs by Tomorrow is serious. One of its most unusual creations was a selfie sign. “We made a picture frame for everyone to stand in front of when taking a selfie,” says Joshuah. And one of his favorite experiences at the company was the creation of dedication plaques with the face of the person being honored embossed on the plaque.

With the store’s 20th anniversary quickly approaching, Clarissa and Joshuah are excited to celebrate the festive occasion with an open house on December 12 from 5 to 7 p.m. The shop will be open for people to stop by and see different types of signage from wall wraps to vehicle signs, and there will be light refreshments and giveaways.

When they’re not working, Clarissa and Joshuah enjoy spending time with their children, coaching soccer teams and loving on their furry family members, two Siberian huskies.

The couple brings some of that fun-fare back into the shop as Joshuah challenges customers: “imagine it and we can create it.” And, there it is—the “little extra,” of Signs by Tomorrow.

Signs by Tomorrow
Address: Oyster Point Square, 11712 Jefferson Ave., Ste. A,
Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-873-5777
Business: Signs by Tomorrow
Contact: Clarissa and Joshuah Torres, owners

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