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Kimberly Davis of SparkDawn Media

It can be challenging to determine where, when and how technological advances might be used to better the life experience. Whether it’s preserving a memory, making life a bit easier, or trying to connect with others in meaningful ways, technology offers a means through which to accomplish it.

SparkDawn Media, located on J. Clyde Morris Boulevard in Newport News, is all about the business of harnessing technology to “help create time, opportunities and memories,” says owner Kimberly Davis. Through technology training and consulting, web development and graphic design and photography and video production, SparkDawn helps people enhance their lives.

To maximize individuals’ time, SparkDawn Media specializes in training people to use technology as a tool to run their business and lives in an effective and efficient manner. For example, the company trains educators to effectively use technology for better grant writing and to teach IT services about the tools that can best assist them in web development, data management and collaborative communication. It also teaches company employees how to be tech savvy to make their work experience more enjoyable and efficient.

“I kind of geek out because a gadget is cool,” says Davis. “But it doesn’t matter unless it helps people. I’m a big proponent of making technology do what it can do so we can accomplish what we need to do.”

Since doing business means connecting with the audience clients seek to attract, SparkDawn Media, through specialized graphic design and web development, helps a client frame its marketing and branding.

For instance, SparkDawn worked closely with a professional boxer and, through the process of discovery, built and created his logo, branding and website, designing products for his online store and assisting him in getting news coverage. “We blended sports media and brand design to create a picture that helped pursue his professional boxing career and share his vision with others,” says Davis.

By helping companies and individuals discover and develop their brand, SparkDawn helps hone in on their specific niche, attract a wider audience and establish a name.

Using technology to maximize time and opportunity opens the door for memory-making. SparkDawn Media uses photography and digital media production to help preserve memories—a senior trying to capture the essence of his high-school life, an athlete sharing his enthusiasm of his sport, a family wishing to capture their story.

Last February, SparkDawn rented an IMAX theatre for a viewing of three of its sports film projects, an event attended by athletes and their families.

To further enhance its memory-making focus, SparkDawn is launching a legacy film project through which people can create a digital memoir of their lives, telling their story through a family documentary.

When she is not working, Davis enjoys spending time with her two sons. But her passion about her work spills over as she introduces her sons to the business. “They each have different gifts and talents. My younger son is like an architect and the older one an engineer,” says Davis. Through the experiences at SparkDawn, Davis says her boys are “learning about resilience, perseverance and the mechanics of running a business.”

Whether the goal is to learn new forms of technology in the workplace, discover and create company branding or leave a legacy for loved ones, SparkDawn Media has the tools and expertise to use technology to help individuals and companies create time, opportunities and memories.

SparkDawn Media, LLC
Address: 714 J Clyde Morris Blvd., Ste. 135, Newport News, VA 23601
Phone: 757-742-3829
Contact: Kimberly Davis, owner

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