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Sheri Marks, owner and operator of The Battle Is Not Yours, LLC, prepares to shine up a Stephen Alexander Homes and Neighborhoods property in Newport News. (Photo by Cathy Welch)

For some, keeping your home clean can seem like a daunting task. Whether there is no time, the mess is too big or you simply aren’t sure where to start, The Battle Is Not Yours, LLC, is ready to solve the homeowner’s dilemma.

Since 2017, Sheri Marks, owner and operator of The Battle Is Not Yours, has been striving to provide Newport News residents with professional cleaning and organizing services. The business serves residential and commercial clients with a wide range of services from window cleaning, construction clean-up, move-in and move-out cleaning and organizing and much more.

Owning her own business was Marks’s dream since she began working in the cleaning and organizing industry at the age of 10. Originally apprehensive about building a company from the ground up, she confidently and comfortably felt that with her experience it was time to do things her way. Marks took a big jump and decided to become her own boss, opening The Battle Is Not Yours, LLC, and she has never looked back.

Seeing the need in the Hampton Roads region for the services she could offer was a good reason to begin her journey as a business owner. Newport News provided Marks the optimal location to start her new company. With a variety of individuals serving the military, parents with hectic lives and an active real estate market, the area was a hotspot for needing a helping hand to keep new and established homes tidy and spotless. And in 2017, Marks began offering her cleaning and organizing services to anyone looking for quality work.

“It is not about the amount of clients; it’s the quality work I do. I am fine with having a small client base and doing an amazing job,” Marks says about her dedication to each home she services. “I teach my team to clean as if it is their own home.”

The military brought Marks and her family to Hampton Roads, and they are enjoying the area. Marks and her husband have three children, who keep them constantly on their toes. Being able to take care of her children and create her own hours helped Marks decide to open The Battle Is Not Yours. Although she is able to set her schedule and spend more time with her family, she always finds herself being drawn back into the business.

When she is not focusing on her thriving business, Marks takes her family to the movies, shoots pool and goes fishing and hunting with her husband.

“I’m still trying to master the whole hunting thing. I just can’t seem to sit still and stay quiet,” Marks says with a laugh.

“I try to have hobbies and a life outside of work, but I am really passionate about what I do,” Marks says. She finds offering cleaning and organizing services comforting and truly enjoys the work she provides to the region, creating lasting friendships with many of her clients.

The Battle Is Not Yours, LLC, is ready to help overcome the often-avoided task of cleaning and organizing. Whether individuals need help organizing the clutter of everyday life or have busy schedules distracting them from house cleaning, Sheri Marks and her team are ready to make life a little easier.

The Battle Is Not Yours, LLC
Services: Cleaning and organizing
Phone: 757-287-5434

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