The Vein Center of Virginia: Setting the standard for comprehensive vein care

Dr. C. Scott McEnroe of the Vein Center of Virginia

After a career path that led to his commitment as a surgeon focused on building a strong veinous practice, Dr. C. Scott McEnroe, MD, FACS, is now medical director of The Vein Center of Virginia, with four offices in Newport News, Suffolk, Virginia Beach and Williamsburg.

Growing up on a farm in upstate New York, McEnroe’s family had little access to healthcare. His initial plan was to be a rural family doctor. At a college career-planning seminar with four pre-med roommates, the speaker told the young men only one of them would make it to medical school. McEnroe accepted the challenge. Following rotations in general surgery, he practiced with Albany Medical Center’s groundbreaking vascular group. He realized the field would be constantly changing and highly innovative. “Having grown up in a rural locale, I avoided cities,” McEnroe says of his goal to work in a coastal, suburban area. “Along both coasts, Hampton Roads was the only spot for my practice.”

McEnroe’s mentor at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York, encouraged him to focus on the veinous aspect of vascular disease. He completed his vascular fellowship at Boston’s Tufts University with one of the few veinous gurus in the country and committed to a strong veinous practice.

He came to Virginia Beach in 1989 and was given the opportunity to develop a veinous clinic within its vascular practice. His initial group trademarked The Vein Center of Virginia in the first six months, the first dedicated veinous center in the state.

“We built a reputation as a center, truly caring for veinous patients across the spectrum,” McEnroe says. “We became the go-to center for veinous-related problems.”

With the exception of sclerotherapy (treatment of spider veins handled in-office) the patient population was small. Before 1998, everything was done in the hospital under general anesthesia. Technologies changed drastically that year when the surgical strippings went away and patients could be cared for in the office. An onslaught of patients ensued.

After many mergers and changes, the group was finally acquired by Sentara Medical Group (SMG). The Vein Center of Virginia works with medical assistants (MA) and nurse practitioners who work both sides of the office. McEnroe is focused on having dedicated staff in each vein center.

“Seeing a surgeon is a scary deal; people are anxious just visiting a doctor. I want my patients to see the same nurses and MA every time,” McEnroe says.

“He promised no pain, and I did not have any,” patient Laura Chatmon says after McEnroe cured a year-long irritation in her leg. “I thank God for him.”

Six doctors in the practice do veinous work, with Todd W. Gensler, MD, FACS dedicated to the Port Warwick location.

“Our goal is to set the bar for vascular disease management for SMG’s systems statewide,” McEnroe says .

Today, The Vein Center of Virginia boasts a sizable patient population with vast experience in the field. It offers treatment for every aspect of veinous disease management, including varicose veins, spider veins and managing patients with more complex problems such as deep vein thrombosis. “We’re one of the few centers in Virginia that received Intersocietal Accreditation Commission accreditation,” McEnroe says of the 2019 honor, the gold standard certification for a vein center.

The Vein Center was ramping up its 2020 increased focus on veinous work when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. It locked down and stopped elective procedures for more than three months.

“I was already booked for procedures into fall,” McEnroe says. “Our current challenge is twofold: to maintain a safe environment and to get in all those who were scheduled for procedures.”

The group’s next goal is to add cosmetic services. The local population is interested in many cosmetic procedures such as Botox, fillers and laser work. “I’ve wanted to do that for years because of patient interest,” McEnroe says. “I’ve had experience in these disciplines for two decades.”

The Vein Center of Virginia is training/certifying staff to accomplish this goal. It has a laser in the office and can do skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal, hair removal, skin tightening, etc.

The practice has a large vascular fellowship (a critical part of a vascular surgeon’s training) working in its center.

“Our next step is to apply or model to all of Sentara’s Virginia hospitals with The Vein Center of Virginia’s trusted brand,” McEnroe says. “That’s how we’ll set the bar for the standard of care for veinous problem management in Virginia. We want to create a dedicated center offering a relaxed, patient-friendly environment that provides all possible services for veinous patients,” McEnroe says.

Dr. McEnroe is married to Dawn, a nurse. They have two grown sons. He enjoys growing interesting flowers, boating, watersports and vacationing in Antigua.

The Vein Center of Virginia
Address: Port Warwick III, 1051 Loftis Blvd., Ste. 210, Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-736-7250

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