Triple Crown Title Group, LLC: Relationship focused, results driven

From left to right: Tammy Sawyer, Julianne Cyr, Wendy Laster, Delaina Hoad and Stacy Seidnitzer review a recent closing in the conference room at Triple Crown Title Group, LLC. (Photo by Cathy Welch)

The process of buying and selling homes is permeated with laws, rights, registrations and real estate vernacular, which leads clients to feel overwhelmed and under-informed with the processes of realty.

Thankfully, Wendy Laster, Julianne Cyr and the team at Triple Crown Title Group, LLC use their specialization in property law and settlement in ways that allow their clients to feel knowledgeable and educated on the entire process of settlement. In addition to creating a climate of open communication, Triple Crown welcomes clients into its family-like atmosphere, allowing trust and comfort to become factors that punctuate the customers’ experience.

After opening in January of this year, Triple Crown crafted a simple, yet powerful slogan to keep the team on track and dedicated to its craft: “Knowledge, Experience, Results.” This straightforward motto shaped Triple Crown into a proactive company that dedicates itself to addressing problems within titles before they occur.

“We focus on a combination of relationships and results,” says Laster, CEO. Laster’s years of experience within the title industry has allowed her to develop Triple Crown’s unique personal touch. Both Laster and Cyr, the company’s CFO, understand the importance of giving their clients substantial information directly. This attitude of straightforwardness drives Laster and Cyr to sit down and discuss business with almost every single client.

Laster has been inspired by the Newport News community and its surrounding area since her family retired here from Langley Air Force Base. Not only does she find the Newport News community to be a paramount hub for business, but the local history of Newport News and its surrounding regions also continue to captivate her.

“I’m a huge fan of local history, and Newport News is surrounded by a ton of it,” Laster says. “With Yorktown, Williamsburg and even Newport News, there is history that is free and easy to explore.” Laster has centered herself and her business in an area filled with meaningful antiquity. As a graduate of Hampton High School, alumnae of Christopher Newport University, the area holds a large amount of personal history as well.

Contrarily, Cyr comes from Vermont, having received her elementary through high school education from the Green Mountain state. After receiving her undergraduate degree from Seton Hill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she earned her law degree from Regent University, as did Laster. When Cyr is not in the office, she is taking care of her four horses and spending time with her fiancé and dog.

Although Cyr and Laster come from different states and spend their spare time exploring different parts of Newport News—Laster in the museums and Cyr in the stables—they maintain a compatibility that echoes throughout the entire Triple Crown Title Group staff.

“We are a new company, but the family-like relationship the staff has with each other makes it feel as if we have been together for years,” Laster says. “We help one another and make sure the work load doesn’t burn out any of our employees.”

Cyr and Laster are dedicated to their staff and take part in an active managerial style, which means they pull their weight in the company, whether it is meeting with clients, answering emails or picking up the front-desk phone.

The team at Triple Crown Title Group, LLC create an environment that is focused on the relationships, both between the employees and the clientele. Each member of the company takes pride in obtaining the best outcomes for clients, maintaining a transparency that provides knowledge, experience and results.

Triple Crown Title Group, LLC
Address: 739 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Bldg. 800, Ste. 805, Newport News, VA 22606
Contacts: Wendy Laster, Julianne Cyr
Phone: 757-223-8729

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