W. Brandon Childress General Manager, The Cove

Point Blank

When I think of the perfect dining situation, the elements that come to mind first are  personalized service and ambiance.

When you leave The Cove, I hope that you are thinking it was a great experience. We want our guests to feel human, not like a number. The key to a successful restaurant or any business is organically building relationships with each patron.

As conflict arises, I keep calm by remembering  emotional control versus emotional influence. It’s a great technique to remedying any conflict.

If I were to teach a class, it would be about  the value of perception.

Something I have learned while working in the food service industry is effective communication.

My favorite meal to make at home is  Applewood bacon-wrapped filet mignon with havarti cheese with garlic asparagus.

The best thing about the arrival of warm weather is going to the beach.

If I won the lottery tomorrow, the first thing I’d use the money for is  to develop and create my own restaurant concept.

A mission that I lead my life by is  dress like JFK, speak like Hemingway and work like Ralph Lauren.

My philosophy toward work  is doing things right the first time. If you want customer satisfaction and recurring business, you have to be meticulous about every element…and charm your customer.

I think the local restaurant industry could be improved by  offering creativity. It is important as a restaurant manager to exhibit a creative energy that inspires appropriate menu changes, marketing plans and restaurant decor to make sure your business stays current.

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