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Catering by The Corner Store Chef (Photo by Tay Gardner @abovetheashes)

I have always described The Corner Store Chef as a higher quality of food service, with a goal to provide clients with the best customer service along with some of the best food they have ever had,” says Ron Noville, The Corner Store Chef owner and executive chef. Chef Ron had his brand approved by the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2018 and has been serving up delicious meals and desserts as The Corner Store Chef ever since.

Currently, Chef Ron’s operation is delivery only, with a unique and ever-changing menu. “Tuesdays and Fridays we have set menus. Tuesday is Birria taco or Birria cheese-steak day, and Friday is cheese-steak day. Every Wednesday and Thursday our menu changes,” Noville says. His rotating menu includes items such as Stuffed Chicken Alfredo, Stuffed Salmon Alfredo, Vegan Alfredo, a variety of jambalaya, wings, subs, seafood and chicken baskets.

A New Jersey native, Chef Noville is passionate about his cheesesteaks and says they are one of his favorite items to cook. “I can honestly say our signature cheesesteaks set us apart from anyone in the state,” Chef Ron says with pride.

The chef also offers a variety of homemade cheesecakes, including flavors such as Nutter Butter, Twix, Butterfinger, Oreo Deluxe, Royal Banana Pudding and Lemon Fruity Pebble cheesecakes.

Noville has worked hard to get where he is today, having started with his first job at age 14 at a McDonald’s. He has not left the kitchen since. A graduate of Burlington County Institute of Technology’s Culinary Program in 2011, he has worked as a dishwasher, prep chef, culminating as lead cook. The Corner Store Chef also had humble beginnings. “When I started my business, I was working at the Williamsburg Inn as part of the team that earned five stars from Forbes and five diamonds from AAA,” Noville says.

Noville’s passion for cooking and creating starts early each day, as he wakes up between 3 and 5 a.m., depending on the number of orders to be filled. He heads to a commercial kitchen that he has rented, prepares the meals and packages the orders before heading out for deliveries. “I would like to think we were ahead of our time. We were a delivery-only service from the very beginning,” Noville says.

Chef Ron’s love of the kitchen goes beyond just the food; it extends to his customers as well. “My favorite part of my job is servicing people and making them smile, I get to serve “love in a to-go platter,” and the responses I get are amazing,” Noville says. He says there is no better feeling than having his customers praise his food and re-order for additional deliveries.

While Chef Noville loves cooking cheesesteaks and cheesecakes, he does enjoy spending time out of the kitchen. “In my free time, I enjoy being with my wife and children, studying my craft and recording any of my YouTube series or my podcast Above the Corner,” Noville says.

There are big plans in the making, Norville says with a twinkle in his eye. “My goal is to purchase a food trailer. I will not put a date on when exactly, but it’s coming soon,” Noville says excitedly. “For now, I invite my friends and followers to check us out on all of the social media platforms @thecornerstorechef to see what’s cooking!”

The Corner Store Chef
Phone: 609-845- 4028
Contact: Chef Derron Noville, owner and head chef
Business: Food and catering delivery

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