Yeatts and Company: Fueled by passion

David Yeatts

Yeatts and Company is a locally owned realtor service that has been working with the Hampton Roads community for more than 30 years. “The services that Yeatts and Company provides include residential sales and listings, commercial sales and listings, property management, work with investors and helping people to increase their wealth,” says David Yeatts, broker and owner. “I was born in Hilton Village and have lived in the area all my life. I bought this company in 1989 and have been serving the community since.”

Working in the real estate industry is a family affair for Yeatts. “I got my start in the field in January of 1977. My dad was a real estate broker and I worked with him for a few years,” Yeatts says. “Eventually I went to work for another company, and then I worked for a variety of other companies before I purchased my own. I take pride in being able to provide services in both commercial and residential, as I have experience and am certified in both.”

Yeatts has worked hard to be able to help clients with their needs, whether it’s residential or commercial in the community. He has experience in selling and managing shopping centers and office buildings. However, he mostly represents small investors now and helps people sell homes. Once an appraiser, Yeatts has worked with local and state realtor boards, and he also chaired the Virginia Peninsula Association of Realtors committee.

Even after more than 30 years of working in the field, Yeatts still has a passion for his career. “My favorite part about this job is working with people. We have obligations to customers and clients to take care of them, and that is important to me. You have to care about people to work in this field,” Yeatts says. “It’s a people business, and I love it. I intend to work in this field until the day I die. I won’t retire; it keeps my mind sharp.”

Yeatts and Company consists of David Yeatts, another agent and Yeatt’s daughter who helps run the office. With such a small team, each member accepts a lot of responsibility, with every workday being different. “When it comes to a typical day in the office, you never know what it will be like,” Yeatts says with a grin. “However, it does always consist of dealing with people, and I consider myself a problem solver for people, since I am helping them sell or buy properties and finding a solution to their needs.”

When it comes to who should reach out to the Yeatts’ team for realty assistance, the owner had plenty of ideas. “I would suggest people who have commercial properties to sell, lease or manage should call us. Also, residential is a hot market right now, so we can definitely help people who have that need. There’s a housing shortage in this area, and values are up,” Yeatts says. “I love helping young couples find a starter home, and then we can eventually help them rent that property and grow their wealth when they’re ready to move on.”

While his work brings him joy, when he’s not working, Yeatts enjoys riding motorcycles, boating and socializing with friends and family.

Looking to the future, Yeatts wants to stay on top of the trends in the realty field. “The market does play a huge part in our company, and we must keep up with society,” Yeatts says. “During the pandemic there was a major change in the market, so now there’s an abundance of office space. That’s an example of how everything changes in this field, and why we have to keep up with it, to help our customers and clients.” 

Yeatts and Company Realty
Phone: 757-873-8888
Address: 728 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Ste. D, Newport News, VA 23606
Contact: David Yeatts, owner and broker

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