Cobb Technologies: A company that cares

Toni Gorveatt

Cobb Technologies has the humblest of roots but has grown immensely over the past three decades. Founded in 1990 by Freddy Cobb, along with his brother Kevin and his father Donald, the company began with door-to-door copier sales. Today, the business offers comprehensive services in printing technology, document management and IT support to more than 9,000 customers across Virginia. Initially headquartered in the back of a van, the company now has offices in seven Virginia locations. Cobb moved into Newport News in 2002 when, in the words of company president Toni Gorveatt, “things really started to take off.”

As is necessary for a fast-growing company in office technology, Cobb has evolved the services it provides. “In any industry,” says Gorveatt, “you have to look at the future and predict what the community is going to need and really strive to build that expertise and stay ahead of the curve.”

In addition to its state-of-the-art services covering the most current customer needs, Gorveatt believes Cobb’s success is due to the company being local and independently owned. “Our ability to respond is very quick and we’re involved in our communities,” she says. There is no potential client too big or too small for Cobb, which maintains its own warehouse space and fleet of shipping vehicles to ensure available inventory and speedy delivery.

Cobb Technologies’ innovations aren’t geared solely toward getting ahead in business, though. The company also does a great deal to give back. In 2016, the already very successful company began a program called Imprint to place a focus on philanthropic engagement in the communities it serves. “Imprint is our charitable arm, which works with grassroots non-profits in our communities and focuses on children,” Gorveatt says.

Since its inception, the program has successfully raised more than $150,000 to assist at-risk and impoverished youth in Virginia. According to Gorveatt, Imprint focuses on alleviating the burdens of food and housing insecurity, in addition to working with school systems statewide to bolster educational programs. It is among the things that make Gorveatt most proud of her company. In her words, “If you ask me what’s my favorite part of the job, Imprint is right up there at the top.”

Gorveatt, who had previously worked with Cobb Technologies’ founder Freddy Cobb at a different outfit, joined his new company in 1993, just a short time after its creation, and has grown with the company ever since. Having associated with the business when it employed only 10 people and now being president of the company that employs more than 120, Gorveatt has, over the years, served her company in almost every possible role.

As big as Cobb Technologies has grown to be, and as involved as Gorveatt is in all of its aspects, it may be hard to believe that she has any time left for personal endeavors. Nevertheless, she manages to play an essential role in caring for rescue dogs in the Greater Richmond area where she lives, volunteering her time to transport dogs to and from shelters and foster homes. “I always say that my second job is rescue,” says Gorveatt. When she’s not growing her company or transporting rescue dogs, Gorveatt loves to travel with her husband, especially to see their grandchild in Tennessee, something she hopes to be able to do again as soon as traveling is safe.

Cobb Technologies
Address: 11842 Rock Landing Dr.,
Newport News, VA 23606
Contact: Toni Gorveatt, president
Phone: 800-346-8228

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