Harmonic Egg: There’s a good egg in town

Lynne Finding, right, owner of Harmonic Egg of VA, LLC, is ready to help assistant Rosylyn Tharp begin her Harmonic Egg session. (Photo by Cathy Welch)

Terri Bowden and I came together through our passion for helping people and paying forward our life knowledge and gifts,” Lynne Finding says. “My mum always looked for ways to help others as best she could,” she says of her mother who died from a brain tumor when Finding was 10.”

Influenced by her mother’s giving spirit, Finding came to the United States from the United Kingdom (UK) in 1984 and continued to volunteer with a suicide prevention hotline as she had in the UK. She has been with LINK of Hampton Roads, Inc. for more than 31 years, providing nonprofit support to thousands in need. Today she is its executive director.

“Two years ago, I was working by phone with Gail Lynn, a client and inventor of the Harmonic Egg in Colorado,” Finding says. “I picked up the vibration of the Harmonic Egg as she sat in it and knew there was something about it that was really special.” She realized she wanted to bring Harmonic Egg to Virginia.

Finding (Reiki Master, a practitioner of Psych-K and Healing Touch) met Bowden (ICU teacher, spirit artist and reiki practitioner) about 10 years ago. Cyprus native Bowden wrote a health magazine for Middle Eastern women. She is a teacher for children in ICU and offers fun interactive workshops.

Harmonic Egg of VA, LLC began providing sessions to the community in January, 2022. Unique to Virginia, Harmonic Egg, number 64 out of 120 worldwide, uses a light and sound-frequency chamber designed to foster an environment of deep relaxation and internal balance. The energy vibration in the chamber connects with the participant’s autonomic nervous system, providing a beneficial effect which promotes natural healing of mind/body/spirit without side effects. Vast combinations of music, lighting and color create hundreds of unique solutions for each individual.

Egg clients experience results that include lowered blood pressure, pain relief, improved bladder control, reduced anxiety, scoliosis relief, improved speech and autism help.

“We’re exploring ways to help people help themselves by living with increased health and reduced stress,” Finding says. “We’re particularly interested in helping autistic and Down Syndrome clients in providing a safe experience that stimulates unexpected outcomes.”

The Harmonic Egg of VA commits to offer four children free sessions annually. This is funded through client tips and staff donations.

“This is an opportunity to put everything aside for an hour and de-stress,” says Roslyn Tharp, assistant. “It’s in the gentleness that this profound rebalancing takes place.” Tharp assists Bowden with the egg on weekdays and Finding covers weekends.

“The first session is about realigning the body’s cells to function more normally,” Finding says. “If you come with specific pain, I use protocols for that.” Each session is one hour, with 50 minutes inside the egg. Most clients feel improvement after one session. A minimum of three to eight sessions is suggested to achieve desired goals. 

Dr. Sinclair McCracken refers some functional medicine clients to Harmonic Egg of VA as she sees the value in it. Dr. Rabia Jafri, a local psychiatry specialist, also sends clients when she feels it is appropriate.

“Generally my back hurt from scoliosis and that stopped,” client Sandi Hussel says after her egg sessions. “It was the first time I could remember my back without pain.”

“Before my first egg session, my doctor medically recorded that my veins were broken, causing my severe restless leg syndrome,” Bowden says. Shortly after her first Egg session, she took an updated ultrasound to her surgeon, who verified there was nothing wrong with her veins.

“I’ve never understood a word he’s said in three years,” Bowden says of a male client with Down Syndrome. “After six sessions, I understand him completely.”

Karen and Will Endsley first experienced the egg to relate it to their “The Skeptic Metaphysicians” podcast audience. Karen says of her second session, “I got cold and shaky, but woke up the next day feeling better than I had in years.”

“We were unprepared for such frequent, life-changing experiences,” Finding says. 

Learn more about the Harmonic Egg here:

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March 11–12, 2023, 10 am to 6 pm
Virginia Wesleyan University
Virginia Beach

The Holistic Wellness Expoof Hampton Road
Sponsored by LINK of Hampton Roads, Inc.
April 22, 2023
Holiday Inn, Omni Boulevard

Harmonic Egg of VA, LLC
Address: 732 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Ste. 906, Newport News, VA 23606
Contact: Lynne Finding
Phone: 757-979-7555
Website: www.harmoniceggva.com
Email: lynneharmoniceggva@gmail.com

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