T. R. Builders, Inc.: Turning dreams into beams

Missie Reed

A house is made with walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

The quote by Emerson epitomizes the mission statement of T. R. Builders, Inc.: “You dream it, we build it.”

T. R. Builders, Inc., located on Thimble Shoals Boulevard, is a residential home builder and remodeler dedicated to turning people’s visions about their homes into reality, says company owner/president, Missie Reed.

The company was founded by Missie’s husband, Tony Reed, in 1994 as T. R. Construction, Inc. Missie joined the business in 1997, working primarily behind the scenes assisting with human resources and accounting.

Having a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing, Missie began her career life in the medical field but decided to leave the nursing profession after her children were born. Working from home, Reed took on more responsibilities at
T. R. Construction and, in 2013, became the owner of the company when her husband Tony decided to pursue a new profession as a financial advisor at Edward Jones Investments.

While the construction industry was not Missie’s original aspiration, “seeing the excitement and enjoyment of our homeowners is most rewarding. A large majority of owners struggle with vision, what the end result will actually look like, and hearing them say ‘this is better than I ever thought it would be’ is awesome,” says Reed.

T. R. Builders, Inc. offers a great deal of diversity when it comes to the projects it takes on, says Reed, “from kitchen and bath remodels to large custom home builds.” According to Reed, some of the most exciting projects the company completes are the kitchen and bath remodels because, as she says, “since the kitchen is the heart of the home,” these remodels can result in tremendous change to the home environment and climate. “Some of the little things can become so important and not always thought about,” she continues, “such as light-switch location, whether you’re left or right-handed, where you plan to store everyday dishes and utensils relative to your dishwasher and the actual flow of your workspace.”

While T. R. Builders offers various options for building and remodeling, it is not a “one shoe fits all” company, Reed says. The goal is to work with clients who desire and appreciate quality, understand that the process takes time and who are willing to connect with the builder to find the right solutions for the project, while meeting budget limits and client expectations. Unfortunately, because many people watch home renovation television programs, says Reed, they come into the process with unrealistic timeframes, budgets and expectations that simply cannot be met. Thus, “information gathering and setting realistic expectations with the owners are so important” to the process, Reed stresses.

In making the decision to build or remodel, Reed says it’s important that people not simply focus on the bottom-line cost but, instead, understand all that goes into completing such projects. In fact, Reed argues, “this is not just a project or job; it should become a long-lasting relationship between client and builder.” Since many clients struggle with the question of whether to remodel or do a new build altogether, it is the company’s responsibility to listen closely to the client, find solutions that best meet its client’s needs and educate the client on setting realistic expectations.

T. R. Builders looks forward to continued company growth while sustaining its quality of work. But Reed’s focus also includes personal growth. When she’s not working, she enjoys the great outdoors, going to the beach, and riding bikes — but, mostly, she likes being with family and friends.

Whether it’s time at T. R. Builders or with those she loves, Missie Reed appreciates that while houses do indeed come together through construction of walls and beams, they stay together because of the love and dreams that fill each and every room.

T. R. Builders, Inc.
Address: 732 Thimble Shoals Blvd.,
Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-897-4701
Contact: Missie Reed, president/owner
Email: missie@trbuilder.com
Website: www.trbuilder.com

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